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Never Say Never - Book II West Coast Happily-Ever-After

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Joe Kelly is back in town. He left home with two goals: to fulfill his dream of making movies and to forget about the woman who broke his heart when she chose his twin brother over him.

Lisa Malden fell in love with Joe in seventh grade, but it was his twin brother, Patrick, who wooed her, who pursued her, who proposed to her when she found out she was pregnant. And he would have married her if his life hadn’t been cut short in a drunk driving accident.

Seventeen years later, single mom Lisa is worried that history might repeat itself. Her son is in trouble. Her life is at a crossroads. And her one conviction – that Patrick was the father of her son – has been brought into question. But can she trust Joe with the truth? The men in her life have always left. Why should this time be any different?
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