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West Coast Happily Ever After: Seven heartwarming romance novels that include: kids, horses, dogs, cats, and, of course, a potbelly pig.

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“A great series of love stories with realistic, believable story lines. These stories are about real situations that have happy endings; something we need more of in today's sad world." —Amazon reviewer

Book 1HER FOREVER COWBOY — Will Cavanaugh was Anne's first crush...and first kiss. A lifetime ago. A marriage, divorce, demanding career, single mom of an asthmatic daughter gig ago. She'll honor her family obligations, but fall in love with a bull rider who values a championship title more than his life? Not even for one summer.

Book 2: NEVER SAY NEVER — Lisa broke Joe’s heart when she left him for his twin brother seventeen years ago. Now Joe’s back in town and discovers that he may be the father of Lisa’s troubled son. He and Lisa can work together as parents, but can they reignite the love they once felt for each other?

Book 3: CALEB’S CHRISTMAS WISH — Black Friday. Black ice. Lives changed in an instant. Confirmed “rake” Jake and harried computer “geek” Allison both want their four year old godson Caleb to survive the loss of his parents with the least amount of scars. Opposites attract. Sometimes, they even agree to work survive the holidays. No one expects them to fall in love—except, possibly Caleb.

Book 4: A BABY AFTER ALL — Nathan owes his wife a baby. But his demanding career and cross-country move have put "nest-building" on the back burner. Casey is ready to put down roots—even if that means representing her estranged father's ranch in a land-use war against her husband's biggest client. When divorce is the answer, maybe two people in love need a new question.

Book 5: LOVE AFTER ALL — After a spectacular fall from grace in San Francisco, attorney Gwyneth finds herself up to the tops of her stilettos in pig poop...literally. For trust fund billionaire Arley, meeting the infamous "Barracuda In Heels," is love at first sight. Can a man who has never lacked for anything—but love—convince a by-the-book lawyer to bend a few rules to help an old lady and her pig...and, maybe, love him back?

Book 6: THAT COWBOY’S FOREVER FAMILY — A bullet changed everything. Tom, a cowboy and long-distance dad, suddenly had two traumatized young daughters living with him. Victims advocate Abby is ready for a major life overhaul. On the verge of quitting, she agrees to help the handsome cowboy and his daughters. But can she do her job without losing her heart in the process?

Book 7: FOREVER AND EVER, BY GEORGE — Single mom of twins, Kara, knows to keep her eye on the prize. She learned a long time ago not to entrust her dreams to any man—especially one rebounding from a brutal divorce. Brad’s new normal is circling the drain. Even the family dog knows it. Risking his very bruised heart is not an option…until his matchmaking Great Dane takes action.

From the first book to the last, reviewers love this seven-book collection:

HER FOREVER COWBOY: “…a sweet, emotional story that takes the reader on a journey to the spectacular High Sierra whilst capturing his/her heart with a set of beautiful characters and a solid, well-paced storyline.” —Goodreads review

FOREVER AND EVER, BY GEORGE: “This wonderful book is touching and humorous and engages you from the word go.” —Amazon review

Immerse yourself in today’s west, where love never backs down from the challenges life throws its way and every happily-ever-after is satisfyingly well-deserved.

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