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Dr. Cashel Gregory, Head of Organizational Psychology, is the keeper of secrets, guardian of ethics, and sentinel of limits in the kink-centric world of specialist contracts at Delphic.  Shame he is about to run, not walk, right past his own boundaries.


Cash never put a foot wrong until he met Tay.  He’s been a company man from the day Delphic head-hunted at college. As a closet Submissive, he has kept his desires out of his professional life, but now he’s in lust with the most deviant Dom at Delphic. 


Tay is the Dom’s Dom, the experienced Head Trainer at Delphic. He is the man the Dominants look up to, and the Submissives swoon over.  But Tay has secrets, he’s a grounded Venditor, he’s in therapy with Dr. Cashel, and he might just be in love for the first time in his life, and he doesn’t like it.


Will setting Cash’s submissive free let Tay move on from his stupid infatuation? Will crossing the line with Tay ruin Cash, professionally and personally? Cash has always known where he stands ethically – until now.


PAID TO WATCH is part of the Delphic Agency Series and, like the others, is a character based exploration of BDSM and kink with real romance at its heart.
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