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Complete Introduction to Fibromyalgia mini eBook

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This is your complete introduction to fibromyalgia: I share what Fibromyalgia is, the definition, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options and more.

It is a blog post on but it got so long I thought it would be so much easier for you to go through it on your own time in PDF format. You can download and read on your devices or print it out (it's easy to highlight, take notes and make a plan this way). 

My hope is it will help you if you are starting your journey with fibromyalgia. 

You will learn about fibromyalgia, specifically 

  • symptoms
  • what causes it
  • is fibromyalgia autoimmune?
  • diagnosis
  • is there a cure (spoiler alert: no, but there are treatments)
  • treatment options
  • is there a fibromyalgia diet?
  • my favourite fibromyalgia books
  • treating fibromyalgia through the central nervous system
  • natural remedies
  • can you get pregnant with fibromyalgia
  • my health update 2021
  • and an invitation to my FREE micro course You vs Fibromyalgia 

This is a free mini eBook, when you grab it you will also be added to my newsletter list so that you can receive more information and support from me in your inbox. You can unsubscribe at anytime, but I doubt you will want to because I share loads of research, information and practical tools to help you in your journey :)
You will get a PDF (407KB) file
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