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Return Of The Fae: The Complete Series

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With the portals between Earth and the fae realm closed, the world descended into chaos. Enter a land where the unpredictable weather can kill, and no one wants to be allies. 

Join Rhianna, Perry, Arwen, and Izzy, as they journey across the country in an attempt to survive and find Sanctuary, a mythical place where all kinds of paranormal beings can stay safe. 

Once there, they'll discover what it means to work together, and if they can, they stand a chance at restoring the portals to normal and saving the world. 

Delve into the complete Return Of The Fae series, which is packed with fae, elves, shifters, witches, and much more. Each book follows a different heroine through an intertwined plot. 

The Return Of The Fae Collection includes: 
Fall Of Hope (Rhianna) 
Rise Of Night (Perry) 
Dawn Of Pain (Arwen) 
Sight Of Change (Izzy) 

The Return Of The Fae is a paranormal post-apocalyptic series set in an alternative timeline to the Paranormal Council. Each book includes a low heat whychoose romantic sub-plot between the heroine and her fated mates.
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