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Wings of Time and Fate - Audiobook (AI narration)

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Enjoy this YA fantasy story filled with magic, mythology and a young woman's journey to find her destiny.

Forbidden Magic. Powerful enemies. A desperate fight for freedom.

Eona has been running all her life. Her ability to manipulate time makes her unique, but in a land where magic is outlawed, it's also put a target on her back.

Kidnapped, powerless and sentenced to death, she is offered a way out: becoming an apprentice to the King's sorcerer and get the training she needs.

The Royal Sorcerer seems like he's on Eona's side, but dark events are afoot and not everything is as it seems. In a palace full of secrets, friends are hard to find and when a young peryton hatches, Eona needs to decide who to trust to keep both herself and her magical companion alive.

Can she escape before her time runs out?

An epic fantasy audiobook full of unusual magic, nailbiting action and unexpected friendships.

Narrated by Ava, a Google AI voice.

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You will get a PDF (154KB) file

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