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When Mrs Ormaloo brings the terrible news to the Turnadot Street Businesswomen’s Association that the Grongles are going to burn some more banned books on the night of Arnold, The Prophet's birthday, Gladys and Ada decide to take steps. They even enrol some of the punters from their pub to help out. The books are in a warehouse being kept under guard. Gladys, Ada, Their Trev and the rest of the group embark on a plan of devilish cunning to rescue as many banned books from the flames as they can. Although the plan involves Humbert, Ada's foul (or is that fowel) mouthed parrot. Will it work?

Corporal Crundy is determined not to mess up his first assignment since his promotion. It should be easy. All he has to do is guard some books. Yeh. It should be a piece of cake but somehow that’s not the way it turns out.

Written in British English this is a free Christmas Easter Egg (nog) for MTM Mailing list users and Jolly Japery fans. To grab your copy, just click on add to basket button and then click 'purchase' and add your email so my trained robots can send it to you. You won't be charged. Enjoy! :-)

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