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Janus - intelligence specialist, hacker, dominant, imprisoned by the past

I have memories I can’t recover, and secrets I can’t let out.
People die around me, an endless cycle of history repeating.
My enemies like to make them look like suicides, just to keep the mental pressure on.
Now the whole team is looking into my life, moving every rock, sifting through the dirt, delving into the jungle that is Washington DC to find how deep this conspiracy around me goes, and how long it has been there.
They are looking for the answers that could set me free. Or as free as I'll ever be, because it's the last secret that I alone hold that is the lock on the door of my prison. And rightly so. I don’t deserve to be truly free.
All I hope is that by the time this is done I will have had a chance to show Static how truly sorry I am for everything I am putting him through. He didn’t deserve this, but I always let the ones I love suffer.

Janus is the fourth book in The Teams series and forms a duology with Static which should be read first. You can expect dark and steamy romance, political intrigue stretching back generations, and the return of characters from The Handled series which shares the same universe.
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