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This is Static - communications expert, extrovert, former witness, surrounded by secrets

In a team of monsters I’m the normal guy. The one making peace. The one soothing the raging beasts in the likes of Blue and Snipe. I don’t mind, I trained as a witness, I’ve always been good with the borderline personalities [remembered sadness and guilt].
I guess that’s why I’m drawn to Janus. I sense the complications in him. He’s like a puzzle I want to solve.
When he calls me, utterly terrified, panicking, totally at odds with his usual personality, I know he needs me. I’ll move heaven and earth for those who need me.
I’ve got a huge saviour complex. Show me a cause and I’ll nail myself to the nearest tree for it.
Janus is a cause I’d willingly martyr myself for, and I’ve never even seen his face.
He has hidden himself all the time I have known him, but so have I. If I’m going to save him I’m going to have to show myself, the real me, to him and to the team.

Static is the third book in The Teams, the series from Romilly King, author of the Handled and Outreach series of mm romances and gay thrillers. Set in the same universe as Handled, the world of The Teams is dark, morally ambiguous, and full of secrets and lies. Please be aware this book ends on a cliffhanger.
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