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Meet Camo - Leader, Alpha, Accomplished Liar

When they shut down the Handler system the government was left with some problems, or, to put it another way, some assets. It was left with Witnesses that had been trained to accept difficult decisions and to walk the line between good and evil, and it was left with Handlers that were equipped to kill, in a variety of ways, and were also expert investigators.
No government is going to throw away trained people like that, not when there is a whole world out there that is painted in shades of grey.
Out of the remnants of that government sanctioned execution system, the killers, the watchers, and the support staff, came The Teams. We’re small, tightly focussed, specially selected and psychologically matched groups that do the work other, more visible, parts of the government can’t do.
I was support staff, all those years ago, cleaning up and knocking down the more mentally unstable Handlers, so I’m well used to working with the psychos. I’m not one myself. Not totally. Although I guess I have a few markers - mainly no guilt, and I’m a fantastic liar.
Now I run a Team. I’m the head guy, the one in front, the one wrangling the slightly deranged and the very organized.
We don’t talk about what we were, or what part of the system we came out of. We don't even use our original names, we go by team names. We’re secretive about everything, even amongst ourselves.
Born in secrecy, raised in secrecy, live in secrecy - it’s pretty much bred into us.
And that would be fine, if I hadn’t gone and fallen in love.
Now I’m trying to have it all, because that's the sort of guy I am. I’ve got the husband, the kid, the house in the suburbs, and the kind of cover that doesn’t get questioned.
I’m Camo, I’m a good actor, and I don’t feel even a sliver of guilt that my husband hasn’t got a clue who I really am. He doesn’t need to know. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Right?

Camouflage is the first in a series of standalone novels from Romilly King, author of the Handled and Outreach series of mm romances and gay thrillers. Set in the same universe as Handled the world of The Teams is dark, morally ambiguous, and full of secrets and lies. It's going to be a hot and violent ride with a lot of angst along the way to the happy ever afters these complex characters deserve.
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