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a){(N+1) x 2}-2
b)Now what was that?
c)Astrology? What? No cotangent? It’s actually close to Sikkimese, Mongolian astronomy.
d)Mawangdui or otherwise, the tortoise, divining bones or more banal “modern” methods…
e)… do reveal spacetime matrix flux from futurities into past and vice-versa.
f)The RTRRT Aspectarian goes into great detail as concern dis-creation of time-space.
g)Generally known as I Ching, the system renders many hexagraphs or sometimes a few.
h)“N” stands for the number of “moving lines” as obtained. Result is bidirectional in time.
i)Just to make sure the Reader understands basic calculi, 5 moving lines render 10 graphs.
j)Six moving lines therefore render 12 different hexagraphs; 7 in each direction.
k)Among the interpretations “translations” as readily obtainable, recommendations are due.
l)Mawangdui, Legge, Blofeld; Crowley (sic), even Pattee. Taixuanching: optionally.
m)Less serious (but no less effective) methods may include dice or mini computer script.
n)Since the trigraphs obviously represent planets, the Astrologer will direct them at will.
o)The Aspectarian directs even the neophyte towards time-space marvels: the matrix.
p)Creation and discreation of the matrix is RTRRT specialty in any technique and form.
q)Pure intent (is there any other?) transcends techniques much as Tao does Yin-Yang.
r)Already the concept of one without the other being non-binary, we tend to stick to :|
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