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God's Girls 105: Homemaking

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I love being a homemaker! When my children got to high school, I wanted to teach them more homemaking skills, but I also wanted to teach them the heart behind homemaking, so I put together a homemaking course using Proverbs 31, The Hidden Art of Homemaking, and Jesus, Fill My Heart & Home Bible Study. You see I didn't want them to just know homemaking skills, I wanted them to build joyful homes filled with the Presence of Jesus!

How about you? Are you interested in imparting homemaking wisdom into your daughter's life and getting a credit for high school at the same time. If so, you will love this course!

God’s Girls 105: Homemaking is a one-credit high school life skills course for mothers to use to teach their daughters create a home and manage a household. Students will learn to cultivate the heart of a godly homemaker and achieve proficiency with homemaking skills.

Young women will bake, cook, garden, can, sew, grocery shop, make Christmas ornaments, plant a garden, decorate their rooms, plan menus, make a songbook, and plan wardrobes. They will explore interior decorating and complete a Dream Home Project. Housekeeping skills such as clutter control, cleaning, organizing, and laundry will be explored, too. This is a favorite class! Whether enjoyed alone with Mom or in a group setting, young women will love learning homemaking skills and preparing to manage their own homes one day!

Did you know God has a lot to say about homemaking? Scripture reveals His plans for home and family. In addition, we will learn to add beauty and impart life to our homes by imitating Jesus the Creative Genius and Supreme Artist, using Jesus, Fill My Heart & Home Bible Study by Meredith Curtis and The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer.

 Pastor Mike and Meredith use the Holy Bible and other living books to teach life skills and prepare their teenagers to be joyful and successful adults with healthy relationships. Originally designed for their children, and later for close friends and church members, this class uses the mentoring style of teaching. Moms meet once a week for mentoring time. The goal: to prepare them to live godly lives now and in the future when they are adults working, studying, married, and parenting.

You will need to purchase Jesus, Fill My Heart and Home Bible Study (available from Powerline Productions), as well as The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaeffer. There are other optional books listed in God’s Girls 105: Homemaking that students are welcome to read.

You will get a PDF (13MB) file

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