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Self-Love Toolkit: Self-Appreciation Bundle

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True self-love is achieved with reverence for all that you are. The Self-Appreciation bundle was crafted to bring you a selection of tools to support and guide you in unlocking a love that empowers you to manifest the life that you desire. Through meditation, journaling and self-care rituals you will learn self-honouring as a tool to cultivate greater self-appreciation and self-love.

The Self-Appreciation Bundle Includes:
Self-Care 'Rituals' Wheel 
Body-Care Self-Love Meditation
Confidence Rx Journal Exercise
'Manifesting Mantra' Affirmation Card

*Bonus Self-Care Inventory IQ Quiz

4 items: = 1 Meditation + 1 Affirmation card + 1 Journal Exercise + 1 Self-Care Tool + Bonus

The roadmap of self-love guides you within.  These Wisdom Tools help reaffirm your love for yourself. They are the sacred tools and wisdom that remind you of your wholeness and how to reclaim your authentic power.  

The Virtues of Self-Love Collection comprises 5 unique mini bundles curated from The Ultimate Self-Love Toolkit.

Ultimate self-love is a journey with many touchstones.  

With self-love mini bundles you have a roadmap.  Lovingly devoted and curated to begin the journey to ultimate self-love one moment, one step at a time. 

Each bundle contains curated tools to support you in each of the experiences of: self-awareness and acceptance, self-reflection, self-appreciation, self-compassion and kindness, and self-forgiveness.

Wherever you are on the road to ultimate self-love, let these tools be your guide.  Let them light the path for you.

What are Wisdom Tools?
Sacred Offerings.
Tools for Transformation.
Curated Healing Practices. Meditations, Activations, Remedies, Rituals and Sacred Methodology
to ignite and align your inner power - so that you can manifest what you need most.

Each Toolkit is a roadmap to access your Highest Self: meticulously designed to facilitate resilience, renewal, growth, and transformation across the key pillars of optimal wellness, providing the skills, strategy, and sustenance you need to cultivate greater fulfillment and joy.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (2MB)
  • PDF (9MB)
  • PDF (17MB)
  • MP4 (905MB)
  • PDF (566KB)

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