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Low fat high fruit raw vegan diet plan

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A low fat menu planner for the whole month (4 weeks) with fruit meals for breakfast and lunch and satisfying veggie salad for dinner.

This is a perfect plan to support your fat-burning, muscle building efforts. Even just a simple walk can help you to slim down, when you are following a healthy raw vegan diet. It gives you a big boost of energy, making you want to exercise, improving your mood and flooding your body with fat-burning hormones.

This plan is very easy to follow, thanks to compact and clean design. All the meals for the each week are on one, easily printable page. You can bring this page with you while shopping or bring it on your mobile device.

All ingredients are easy to get during these difficult winter months from supermarkets all over Europe, US, Canada or other places with similar climate. Recipes are very simple and don't requare dehydrator, food processor or any fancy equipment. All you need is a simple blender, even the cheapest hand blender will do the job.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on Facebook:

You will get a PDF (18MB) file

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