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Raw vegan diet plan for August

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This menu planner is meant for the month of August - this is a perfect time to load up on all kinds of juicy fruits and berries.

It's a very flexible raw vegan menu planner with two versions of lunches, so every single day you can actually choose, which one you like, fruit based lunch or salad. And if you feel really hungry, you can even have both, first fruity lunch and then filling salad.

And as always, there is green fruit smoothie for breakfast and filling salad for dinner.

I also use a lot of wild greens, that are getting into season at this time, because they are much more nutritious than garden greens and are totally free!

All the recipes are different, so there are over 100 recipes in each menu and you can totally use it as a recipe book ;) 

Price is like always donation-based. Any amount is happily appreciated :)


You will get a PDF (7MB) file

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