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Keita Williams
runs the highly popular Sweet Treats Bakery in a small Australian country town called Fragrance. She lives a relatively quiet life, attracting the least amount of attention to herself. When her wait staff, start receiving death threats, Keita has no choice but to recruit the help of law enforcement Officer Dallas Kane. The same Dallas Kane she has avoided ever since he broke her heart in High School.

Dallas Kane’s personal life is a train wreck, and to top it off, he has an extremely sweet tooth. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot resist the daily temptation of the sweetest bakery in the Shire. If he’s honest, it’s not just the treats but the voluptuous baker behind the counter he finds increasingly irresistible. Too bad he burnt that bridge long ago playing a stupid High School game.

When a Sweet Treats waitress goes missing, placing Keita in the line of fire, Dallas’s protective instincts skyrocket. Someone from their past is luring them into a deadly game, and this time Dallas is playing to win.

Content Warning: Brawny alpha males, and feisty heroines. Not suitable for people under 18. It contains mature content, some violence and mild steam.
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