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The Moons of Pluto — full set of 5 pieces (piano score PDF)

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The Moons of Pluto — full set of 5 pieces

I. Charon
II. Kerberos
III. Styx
IV. Nix
V. Hydra

Solo piano score. Listen on YouTube.

Key: various.

Duration: c. 17:00 total

Grade/level: 4–5 / intermediate

Style/mood: various

14 pages.

This is the complete set of my five piano works inspired by the moons of Pluto. Much music has been written celebrating the planets (Holst is far from the only culprit). But what of the moons, and the moons of Pluto in particular? Pluto — that poor demoted planet, no longer in the list of satellites that we learn by heart in childhood. I hope my set of five pieces can help redress the balance.

You will get a PDF (518KB) file

Cloud, Castle, Lake (piano & flute score PDF)


The Moons of Pluto — III. Styx (piano score PDF)


The Muted Nostalgia... (piano duet score PDF)


The Lassitude of Hal Incandenza (piano score PDF)


Winter Landscape (piano score PDF)


The Moons of Pluto — IV. Nix (piano score PDF)


In Search of Elphinstone (piano score PDF)


Nocturne for Oppenheimer (piano score PDF)


Capriccio No. 1 (piano score PDF)


Delete the Adjectives (piano score PDF)