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Self- Care Journal and Workbook

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Digital Self-Care Journal & Workbook is packed with great content that includes principles to carry on with a more joyful life, self-care, overcoming self-doubt, and negative behavioral patterns. It empowers women who may be overwhelmed, overstretched, exhausted, lost a loved one, angry with someone who let them down to take great care of yourself and bring you closer to a new path, to a greater life of self-acceptance and self-love and achieve everything you have been wishing for all your life.

It can also be purchased as a useful gift to your family, friends, and loved ones and filled with inspiring quotes that encourage you to complete the journey through 62 pages of colorful memorable images, adequate space to make notes and express yourself, positive self-reflection prompts, goals and affirmations.

Benefits of using the Self-care journal and workbook:

1. Allows you to take your time to reflect on issues that have been bubbling and you have been shelving for a long time
2. It gives you an opportunity to observe your triggers that make you sad, fears, anger with others, and how to deal with them
3. It lets you boost your confidence, appreciate life, and live your best life
4. It contains a series of positive self-prompts that will make you take action to transform your life into a blissful journey

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