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Random Acts of Kindness: A Journal to Practice Authentic Kindness to Others

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Random Acts of Kindness: A Journal to Practice Authentic Kindness to Others in what seems like an upside-down and crazy world we live in. It was inspired after all that we went through during and after the pandemic, losing the lives of our dear beloved ones and also almost losing ourselves in the process. Here we are, we made it!

It is almost as if we had to go through this "lesson" to learn to rediscover ourselves and lift up others as we ALL rise together. 

In this Journal and Workbook, you will find 53 colorful pages to work through your emotions at your own pace and thus it should not be rushed, included is a worksheet of exercises you could undertake to make it fun and it does not need to be boring.

You can choose to do it alone or as a family, or as friends, or as a community, the ultimate aim of this Journal and Workbook is to create an environment of camaraderie that will bring back the culture of caring for one other and living in harmony, balance, peace, and love which I am absolutely convinced and you will agree with me we all need it right now.

“Life is very fragile, precious, gentle, and can easily escape us within a second without notice”, so Be Kind, take great care of Yourself and of each other in these precious times and this wonderful exciting world!

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