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This Digital downloadable Budget Workbook comes in a brown and bronze color and it is an instantly downloadable PDF workbook where you can record on it to include:

  • ALL the various household debt, car, house, loans, credit cards, overdraft
  • Regular and Irregular Expenses (no guesswork needed) that we usually and to a certain extent do not consider or recognize when spending (a constant reminder of proper planning in advance & helps account for each cent or penny that left your bank account). 
  • Savings and Investments

Consider a budget as an AUDIT of your bank account and/or income where you account exactly how each penny was spent and exactly where it went. In this way, you will have control over your money.

It is a simple self-help guide that helps you to track your money spending habits in a simple, open, honest, non-threatening manner that genuinely respects your dignity and keeps it intact.

Yet it allows you to learn and grow as you would want to see how you can stretch your income through these tough & trying times where there is so much that is expected of you with limited resources available.


Help & Guidance you will get when using the digital downloadable Budget workbook:

1. It provides control over your money, so you are in the driver's seat

2. It helps to remove obstacles and helps you track your financial goals 

3. Budgeting opens up your eyes to new opportunities that you would otherwise not have been able to see before

4. It helps organize, control, and track your financial household spending, debt, savings, investments

5. It helps you create a cushion for unexpected or unplanned major expenses (helps to plan ahead & be prepared)

6. It makes it easier to open up communication to speak freely, honestly, and openly about your finances with your loved ones without choking up

Once the budget is set up, it provides a system of managing your activities, monitoring performance on autopilot. You get to be in the driving seat of your finances.

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"Until there is a commitment, you can always negotiate with yourself out of a great deal, and only by accepting and understanding the patterns of our lives, can we change them constructively and permanently!"

Terms of use: No part of this workbook shall be reproduced or distributed or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written consent or permission of the Creator. This workbook is for personal use ONLY.

Thank you once again for your patronage and for also for gracing us with your presence!

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