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Fruit fantasies

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It is in electronic format in English with selected 60 of my fruit recipes and photos in 6 categories:

  • Cakes and cookies
    Chocolate Cake with Apricots
    Peach Pie
    Lemon Pie with Peaches
    Raspberry Pie
    Pie with prunes
    Lemon cake
    Apple and cider muffins
    Apricot and coconut balls
    Strawberry madeleines
    Orange madeleines
    Biscotti di Prato - Cantuccini
    Orange cookies
    Easter Egg Cookies
  • Ice creams
    Strawberry ice cream
    Strawberry mascarpone ice cream
    Strawberry Ice Cream Cheesecake
    Strawberry ice cream lollipops
    Granita with a rosé and strawberries
    Apricot ice cream
    Coconut lollipops with peaches
  • Desserts
    Strawberry terrine with Mascarpone
    Strawberry terrine
    Jelly beans
    Romanov strawberries
    Strawberry cheesecake in a cup
    Strawberry fantasy
    Raspberry milk terrine
    Raspberries in a jelly of rosé wine
    Apricot tarts with honey cream
    Italian cream with apricots
    Apricot turkish delight
    Bellini terrine
    Cheesecake with coconut and lime
    Cold lemon souffle
    Candied Orange Slices
  • Panna Cottas
    Strawberry panna cotta
    Coconut panna cotta
    Cherry panna cotta
    Raspberry panna cotta
    Panna cotta with peaches
    Panna cotta with tangerines
  • Mousses
    Raspberry mousse
    Honey mousse with figs
    Mousse with pineapple
    Limoncello mousse
    Mousse with persimmon
  • Drinks
    Green smoothie
    Hot lemonade
    Cherry lemonade
    Apple lemonade
    Strawberry lemonade
    Apple martini
    Strawberry liquor
    Orange liqueur
    Hot drink with orange juice and honey
    Tangerine syrup
    Apple syrup with cinnamon
    Fig leaves syrup

Fruits are not simply food for me.
Fruits inspire me.
The unbelievable sweetness, scents, shapes and colors lead every one of my culinary fantasies.
My little adventures help me make the people I love happy.
Share this magical world with me...
Don't forget to dream...
...and dreams... they do come true!

You will get a PDF (23MB) file