Eva Toneva

I was born in Bulgaria. I am married and I have two amazing kids - a daughter and a son.I am a food stylist and a freelance photographer. I spent 3 years of my life in the Czech Republic living and working there. That gave me enough time and was a great opportunity to get to know German, Austrian, and Czech culinary traditions. I have to admit that my passion and love is still reserved for Balkan and Mediterranean cuisine. I like to think of my work as a jigsaw puzzle - if one pice is missing you can't get the whole picture.Each step of my work is equally important. I dedicate my attention to detail and my energy to choosing or creating the recipe, cooking it, selecting the best dishes to serve it in, the best way to decorate and display it, how to accessorize it, building the lights around it and choosing the camera and lenses. Sometimes it so happens that in order to achieve the best results in showcasing my projects I start with one idea and end up with something totally different. I like the freedom my work gives me. The pleasure that comes with experimenting with recipes like starting with an interesting recipe and adding my personal touches. I firmly believe cooking should be creative and fun. Food is a necessity but when it is prepared with imagination and served with love it becomes a Feast of the senses.