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My little lioness was not easy to tame.

DS Georgia Kentley is hunting down a serial killer hell-bent on revenge in Internationally Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley's romantic suspense series, FATE.

When Georgia Kentley breaks up with her long-term boyfriend Darren over Christmas, she really can't wait to return to work on the 27th of December.

The excitement dies when she meets her new boss, Walker Trent. DCI Trent is a misogynistic pain in the arse. Being a young police officer, Georgia has met her fair share of men who don't understand that she can hold her own. Every single time she has proven them wrong.

Will she be able to prove to Walker Trent just how capable she is or will she get herself into a heap of trouble, danger and chaos?

And when chaos ensues who will be there to save her?

The FATE Series, A Police Romantic Suspense Complete Series, is the fourth series in the Hanleigh's London Saga.

Nothing is wrong with being saved except, usually someone has to risk themeselves to save you. Being rescued is Georgia's worst fear.

"WOW!!!!! Hanleigh Bradley certainly got my attention with this one!!! From the very beginning INESCAPABLE FATE had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Her writing style making it so easy and a definite pleasure to read. Moments were tense, funny, dramatic and very very sexy." - Reading is our Satisfaction
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