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Irreversible Fate Signed Paperback

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Part Three in a Four-Part Complete Series

Georgia is scared out of her mind but this time it's not because there's a crazy-arsed serial killer out to get her.
No. This time, her boyfriend & boss DCI Walker Trent just wants to marry her.
Georgia is more scared of wearing a wedding dress than she is of chasing down criminals, but there's no way that Walker will let her back out.
He's holding her to the promise and so Georgia has no other option other than to walk into that church and say "I do."

More About The Fate Series

DS Georgia Kentley is a young, female detective working for CID at New Scotland Yard. When she returns to work after spending Christmas with her family, she meets her new boss, DCI Walker Trent.
He might look hot as hell but he’s also a piece of work and he seems to have something against her. Trent takes a dislike to Georgia from the get-go.
Together they must chase down a Serial Killer, hell-bent on revenge.

Books in the Series

  1. Inescapable Fate
  2. Inexplicable Fate
  3. Irreversible Fate
  4. A Bleak December

The Fate Series is the fourth series in an ongoing British Contemporary Romance Saga - Hanleigh's London - and another series will soon follow.

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