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Pen & Ink Techniques Guide with 11 BOOT CAMPS

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Pen & Ink Guide with BOOT CAMPS

Pen & Ink is a popular way to create artworks and can also be used to do hand lettering. This resource features some insights into the media and a series of boot camps.

· Contents

  • Types of Pens
  • ·Ink for Pens
  •  Parts of a Pen
  •  Marker and Pen Tips
  •  Pen & Ink Techniques
  •  Drawing and Lettering Poster
  •  Calligraphy Styles
  •  Calligraphy from Around the World
  •  Anatomy of Type
  •  Calligraphy Strokes
  •  Boot Camps

1. Basic Techniques

2. Pen & Ink Techniques

3. Value Scales

4. Shading Spheres

5. Shading Cylinders

6. Shading Geometric Solids

7. 3D Hand

8. Texture and Pattern

9. Zentangles

10. Calligraphy Practice

11. Calligraphy Practice with Angled Letters



FORMAT: 28 page PDF

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