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Art2G2: The Amazing Art Idea Generator Game (DIGITAL VERSION)

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The Amazing Art Idea Generator Game is a unique and fun way to help you and your students come up with exciting artwork ideas.

Coming up with artwork ideas is multi-faceted, so surprised that Inside this game are six different types of cards. 

  • Blue Cards with Art Theme & Subjects Ideas
  • Green Cards with Art Styles & Movements¬†
  • Purple Cards with Media Ideas
  • Red Cards with the Elements of Art
  • Orange Cards with the Principles of Art
  • Teal Cards with Creativity Booster Ideas

Art teachers can use this game (available as a digital files and as a professionally-printed deck of cards) to inspire their art classes or individual students .Teachers and students can opt to use one or more categories of cards. The cards are easy to sort as they the colors on both sides indicate what category they are in. 

As artists on a creative journey, students will thrive and develop when given choice and engaged in creative problem solving and creating art that reflects their personal interests and ideas. This game facilitates that and helps students generate ideas, encourages them to do research and leads them to consider multiple design solutions before starting on a new artwork.


  • Digital Version of the Game (62 page PDF)
  • Lesson Plan Guide with 20 lesson idea options and a set of activity pages that can be used with the lesson plans (50 page PDF)
  • Creativity Boosters PowerPoint with Teapot Examles

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (9MB)
  • PPTX (260MB)
  • PDF (17MB)

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