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The Busy Art Teacher's Handy-Dandy Student-Friendly Image Bank With 12 Thematic Idea Resource Pages

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The Busy Art Teacher's Handy-Dandy Student-Friendly Image Bank with 20+ Thematic Idea Resource Pages

  • This resource is designed for art teachers to use with their students when their students need some simple images to use as reference for an art game or activity. 
  • One great way to use this image bank series is with the Creativity Boosters Card Game with 48 creative strategy cards and the lesson plan guide.
  • Topics in this series include fruits, vegetables. favorite snack type foods, farm animals, wild animals, undersea animals, clothing, sports, hobbies & activities, nature, human body and household items, tools and more.


PDF (25 pages)

You will get a PDF (151MB) file

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