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Mindflight (Mindsaga #1)

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Alain Cheney is a spy who desperately needs to come in from the cold. Earth is able to maintain what control it can over its former colonies by using telepathic spies. But what even the spies don't know is that, once they reach their late thirties, they begin exhibiting mental instability and must be eliminated to protect the program as a whole.

Alain Cheney is one of Earth's best telepaths, but this only makes him more susceptible. He has to battle not only his physical condition, but also his own organization in an attempt to survive.

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Mindsearch (Mindsaga #2)



Artboard 1

I enjoyed this novel since it is a wellcrafted action adventure where psychic powers add an extra dimension to the chase.

— T. Kowal

Artboard 1

Overall, an excellent tale that has convinced me to check out the sequels in the series.

— Steven L. Jordan