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Psychological Astrology An Introduction-ebook

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Would you like to learn how to read the astrology chart to gain a deeper understanding of your psychological strengths and weaknesses? Perhaps you are a therapist and wish to use this depth of knowledge to assist in developing strategies for emotional healing?

This is not just another introduction to astrology book, rather, it takes you on a journey to show you how astrology and psychology complement each other.

Retired psychologist and astrologer Noel Eastwood, draws upon a lifetime of study, practice and research to give you a readable and relatable book on the psychology of astrology for astrologers and the astrology of psychology for psychologists.

This book is, firstly, a manual for the astrologer who wants to embark on their own journey of discovery but doesn’t know where to start. Secondly, it can be used by the experienced astrologer who wants to know more about the key astrological significators that are correlated with psychological disorders and how to apply it in their readings. Thirdly, it is for the psychotherapist who would like to better understand their client’s needs.

One thing is certain this book will make you hungry to learn more of the psychological principles that form the foundations of modern astrology.

Includes a discussion of synastry charts and inherited family traits; what aspects trigger people to seek counselling; how you might apply psychotherapy in your astrology practice; locating the astrological significators for conflict and complexes; ADD and ADHD; astrological significators for teenage depression and suicidal thoughts; psychological disorders as a spectrum of neurological symptoms; planetary aspects and shapes; the power of the elements and modes; clues to your spiritual path in your astrology chart; the powerful Saturn cycle; the amazing Air Fire phenomenon; using Jungian archetype meditations to support your personal mystic quest.

Also available as an audiobook.

"This book is Noel's latest and I love it. I admit I am a little jealous as he has accomplished with this book what I would have loved to have done. It is much harder than you would expect to write a basic book on astrology as the information available is vast. But here, Noel has managed to introduce astrologers to psychology and psychologists to astrology successfully. You will find it a simple book, after all it is an introduction, but at the same time incredibly complex. The fundamental knowledge is all there interwoven with mythology, mysticism, meditations, advice and practical applications. This book is an absolute ‘must have’ for every astrologer’s (and psychologist’s) library." Chris Turner, astrologer.

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Also available as an audiobook - 8 hours
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