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So what is my true real eastern ascendant? What can I expect as result? We can tell you what NOT to expect since it simply isn't there. Precession |:|||: change: that kind of thing.


a)Or not: here we go: as the majority never expected that one would inspect true skies.
b)Here is a list – for starters – of wannabe ascendants that most assuredly never rose at east for a long long time: e.g. since Krishna in the case of Gemini or since Christ in the case of uterine watery Aries. You won't see those rising at east at birth: at all:
d)are not ascendants. Taurine ascendants being rare are perused e.g. on the stock exchange.
e)Example: if someone told you that you were “cold Capricorn” you are still probably watery sign nevertheless: typically Cetus but Pisces is possible as well.
f)You can also have two or three ascendants: Kalki having three is triune Holy Trinity.
g)Kalki's three ascendants are Fox (Bush) Hydra (Crowley) and Unicorn (Jolie).
h)Some ascendants being zodiacal, we have e.g. Venus in Hydra rising; Sun in Orion, Cetus or Ophiuchus; New Moon rising in Sextans (thus “Sun in Sextans”), aso...
i)Venus can be in Graal position in Crater, Scutum (now), ditto Hydra, Pegasus 2017-2025, Orion, Cetus, Ophiuchus...
j)Moon in Auriga (Saudi, Kalergi), Corvus (BoE), Sextans, Cetus, Ophiuchus, Orion (911)
k)Pluto is zodiacal in Coma Berenices but never enters Aries. Eris never enters Taurus.
l)As you see: there are many surprises for anyone interested in one's true natal stars: the only one as perused in precise calculi e.g. as to the hour and minute second of next marriage, stock exchange win and many merry events, indeed.
m)A bogus program will have Gemini at east when Castor and Pollux can clearly be observed at north #QuarterSky but e.g. Aussie miscalculi will shoot beyond 270 degrees; thus any – however unlikely - attempt at prediction will be met by not one year (Nostradamus+) of error but fantastic 270 years and counting.
n)The present zodiacal errors as produced by such “programs” overshoot seven (7) zodiacal stations: of course an average astrological program having no idea where the planets – including Earth – are.
o)Now imagine people giving advice on account of fantastic squarely errors: taking 90 degrees average, they will tell you to cut this or the other organ; e.g. sidereal reproductive. There is no such thing as sidereal or tropical but they don't know it.
p)Everyone understands that we have one Mars up there: that ism everyone but them.
q)The Sun hold one position: it does not have two or three positions at once. So which one is correct? Neither of them: both are fabricated.
r)Your REAL natal #Sun #Moon
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