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How White is My Valley

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How White is My Valley ebook novella FREE and exclusive to my Special Readers’ Group, the follow-up to my memoir about moving to France from rainy Wales, How Blue is My Valley. If you download this ebook you consent to receiving my author newsletter with exclusive news and offers.

The true story of how, now living in France, Jean

–        nearly became a certified dog trainer.

–        should have been certified and became a beekeeper.

–        developed from keen photographer to hold her first exhibition.

–        held 12th century Damascene steel.

–        looks for adventure in whatever comes her way.

Praise for How Blue is My Valley, a memoir

Laugh out loud ... such a picture of the fields of lavender, sunflowers and olive trees that you could almost be there with her.’ Stephanie Sheldrake, Living France Magazine

‘I just laughed and laughed about author Jean Gill's adventures.’ Gisela Hausmann, The Naked No-Fluff book series

‘One of those books that transcends genre; it's as much a travel book as a personal memoir - as is the best travel writing… All in all, a great read.’ J. G. Harlond, The Chosen Man
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