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#CoronaVirus Climate Hoax Survival Kit for Preppers and Normal People across the Globe.
What is this all about? Hoax and how to dehoax from toxic disinformation, chem trails, deep state and every money-picking fear mongering trick globaleft banks gretins throw your way.

Discreate viral climate hoax, Soros 666 Wuhan, Bill Gates, deep state, NWO, UN, false zodiacs, globaleft, Popeye, chem trails, the Devil (Unukalhai, Niku Apocalypse), WHO, demoncrats, slime, juice and Jericho MMXXI.

a)What is it all about? What do you think? Money. They are after your money: real estate.
b)They don’t care: die but pay first. What for? Hoax. Agenda fear. Seas are rising fast.
c)Box of tricks? Unlimited gretin “ideas”: locust, end of the world, polar heat and Marx.
d)Agenda? Simple. Plunder. Boa squeeze. Relax. Destroy forests. Accuse the victims.
e)How did it start? Leper Hyxos quarantined from Egypt. Jericho massacre. Moxad harlot.
f)Kill all pregnant women, sparrows, microbes: spare me harlot and twin spies. Moxad.
g)Rahab the whore is root of an alleged dynastree, known as David’s; as genocides continue.
h)How are serial genocides by rabble just out of Egypt justified? Well, they are not.
i)Who hates Italy the most? Israel bans travel. Nobody attacks synagogues.
j)Why are they talking of synagogues amidst corona virus emergency? Preemptive.
k)All ruling UK & Eurocrats are Marrano juice: puppeteers did their job well.
l)Emergency is create in order to cheapen industry while centralizing control.
m)Regional authorities smeared: puppet Pinocchio PM takes control in the name of M.
n)M of curse works for Israel, being Polish synagogue (Danzig) hazan’s daughter.
o)More refugees like millions may help destroy Europe in order to sell it cheap.
p)Health budgets can be exaggerated – even when unnecessary – on account of panic.
q)Fear mongering starts preemptively: then an isolated case is prefabricated.
r)Bill Gates and Soros are copyrighted owners of many viruses like 666 Wuhan one.
s)Gates has been pumping viruses into an otherwise healthy Internet for lifetime now.
t)Washing hands and surfaces may be something new in now infected Africa.
u)Who infected Africa? Your best guess? One million Chinese workers? No.
v)That would harm narrative. A guy from Milan did. In order to infect Africa, Italy will do.
w)The Israeli developed a vaccine. Of course: when you own copyright, you own vaccine.
x) Washing hands while wiping surfaces clear must be juicy discovery.
y)Moses did not curse his own sister. She was white with leper like anyone else.
z)Why the curse? She was beloved as god-sent people among the people.
aa)Hyxos never recovered from basically no legacy at all: thus various Stargates.
ab)Banks deliberately destroy counties for profit: a country like Poland needs no credit.
ac)Northern Italy is under attack for lucrative reasons. South is more like African TBC.
ad)There are infections galore also coming from places like Vatican, drag queens, “gay”s.
ae)All sort of filth gets over-imposed on normal family: cannibalism gets legalized.
af)Can you imagine: she-bop cannibal who just ate your daughter’s heart walks free.
ag)Illegal mignig can wank in the bus 8 PM Sunday since “children don’t go to school”.
ah)They go to church on Sunday morning: so globaleft deliberately plants wanking cannibal.
ai)The amount of filth as discharged on prosperous white economies would shock Yagoda.
aj)Where does filth come from? Sick minds, of curse. Quarantined out of Egypt, no doubt.
ak)Default mind being unable to change, reiterates communist solution for all prefab probs.
al)Communist solution is massive genocide as predicted for these years with Pluto Saturn.
You will get a PDF (68MB) file

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