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This e-book teaches you how to build and market software. You may have a need for some software that you can’t find and doesn’t appear to exist. If you think that there would be a market for such a software, then you can set about suppling it.

The first thing to do is to brainstorm the idea, that means doing research to see if it may be a viable proposition. That involves looking at it from angles, finding pros and cons, and eventually forming the opinion that it either is or isn’t worth developing.

If you think it is probably worthwhile going farther with the idea then you have to delve deeper into what will be involved in building the software. You have to find out everything you can about what market exists, what size it is and how to access it. Without knowing that a definite and sizeable market exists for something there’s little point in providing that something.

Having satisfied yourself that the market exists and can be profitable you need to get back to the software you want to build. You have to bring it from an idea to a well thought out entity. This means sitting down with pen and paper and writing down all the elements that will compromise the final product. Wanting a software that will do something specific will look a lot different when every thing involved is worked out than the initial idea you had.

Building software is achieved through programming. If you’re able to programme yourself then that’s one of the biggest parts of the project taken care of. However if you don’t programme, then you have to find someone who does. This book shows you how and where to find a programmer. Finding the right programmer is probably the most vital part of the project so this is vital to learn.

Having gotten to the point where the project is going to happen, then other things come into play. These include what type of customer support will be offered and whether or not you need to bring a partner on board. Again, this e-book will teach you what these involve and how to resolve them.

Having the finished software to hand the next and even more important step is marketing it. You will learn about building a website which is a necessity, because a software that isn’t backed by a website, either for the software itself or if you have more that one software, then be part of your website showcasing all your wares. This book also discusses how to find affiliates to promote your software and what directories to get listed on.

If you want to develop software this book will teach you all about how to do it, and you will be glad you read it whether you ultimately decide to either go ahead with your idea or not to 
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