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It’s impossible to avoid stress and anxiety taking hold of you now and again, or maybe more often than that. Meditation is a way of controlling those, and having a calmer and better life. This book will introduce you yo meditation, tell you what types of meditation there are, and teach you how to do some of the simpler forms.

It starts by giving you a short history of where meditation came from, how old it is, and who were the first to discover and practice it. Next it goes through the benefits of meditation, and how it can help you.

After that it shows you how mindfulness can be so helpful. It tells you what it is and then how easy it is to practice it yourself. While very easy it can be very helpful.

It then goes a bit beyond mindfulness and talks about Loving Kindness Meditation. Once again it teaches you how to get started with this method, and how it can help.

 The next method described here is Kundalini Yoga which is explained and you are shown how to get started with this method also.

After that you are introduced to transcendental meditation and again shown some of what it involves. This method is somewhat harder to get to grips with than some of what is written about earlier in the book.

Finally you get to Zen meditation which is the most commonly considered form of meditation and harder to conquer than some of the other forms mentioned.

The next is the longest part of the book, and goes into some tips and tricks for people beginning meditation to help them succeed. While the whole thought of getting into meditation might seem daunting, some of the forms here are easy to try. Armed with the tips you can learn enough to know if you want to continue 

When you think of how great it would be to be able to control anxiety and stress, then you’ll know that it’s worth investigating this book, and seeing just how helpful meditation can be.
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