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Working from home, and for yourself has become reality for many people in 2020/21. It is virtually pandemic proof, and has other social and economic benefits.

So would you like your own online Digital Business. This eBook shows you how to go about building one. It shows you where to look online for ideas and inspiration as to the business you build for yourself. It tells you what words to use when you search for ideas. 

One of the possible businesses that yo might decide to pursue is Affiliate Marketing. This book shows you some of the best  Affiliate Networks that you can join to start a marketing business. 

It shows you how to create your own digital products and where you can get help to do so. Having got to the point where you are selling digital products that you’ve created items you how to protect your digital assets. 

If you would like to see if you would like to have your own online business, this book will help you decide one way or another.
You will get a PDF (1MB) file
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