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Most people have heard about Affiliate Marketing and have some knowledge of what it’s all about. However there is much more to it than the quick impression one normally gets. This book goes into the subject in some depth and once you read it you will know a lot more about Affiliate Marketing, and in particular how to make it work for you.

First of all you get a definition and overview of what Affiliate Marketing is all about. Even in this introduction you will probably learn something new about how it works.

Next you get a list of reasons why Affiliate Marketing is such an attractive and worthwhile business model in comparison to other businesses that people run as online ventures. All these reasons will show you what an attractive online business model Affiliate Marketing is. 

With this knowledge of what a good business idea this is, you get a comprehensive look at how Affiliate Marketing works. This includes what type of Affiliate Program you might decide to promote. It also goes into what it will cost you and what you might be able to earn in commissions. It tells you how you sign up to Affiliate Programs and how your sales are tracked. Then it gives you information on marketing your chosen offer(s).

It shows you how to get started in Affiliate Marketing, how to choose a niche to work in, how to select the right program for you chosen niche, and how to plan a marketing strategy.

It teaches you about Affiliate Networks and takes a closer look at two of thee most popular ones. One of these Networks concentrates on Digital Products while the other one has a much broader range of offers.

The rest of the book concentrates on marketing your chosen offers. This involves writing articles and reviews, promoting through video, and using social media. It also teaches you how to make a successful Affiliate Website.

Even if you have a good knowledge about Affiliate Marketing as you are, this book will teach you something new, in particular how to put it all together in order to do it right and succeed. This could be one of the best business ideas you will ever find, but it will only work for you if you learn it, and then you work at it. 
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