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This book explains what Attraction Marketing is and how to use it to make money. It then asks; Does it work? and not only answers that it does, but gives an example.

It goes on to show how you can make Attraction Marketing work for you. If you’re working at a business and not make as much money as you think you should, this will show you how to start. You will learn how and where to find prospects and to turn them into customers with using hard selling techniques.

Every type of online marketing is going to use websites, social media and mailing lists. You will learn how to use these in conjunction with each other and how that, done properly will get the desired results quite often.

Ultimately, an e-mail list is possibly the most important part of marketing successfully, and you will learn how to build one and then how to use it effectively, it doesn’t follow that just because you have some success in building an e-mail list, that you will make it pay as well as it can.

This e-book gets straight to the point and delivers its content without getting side tracked. It’s all good stuff, delivered precisely, and you should be ready to start implementing it very quickly.  
You will get a PDF (593KB) file
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