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LITTLE MR. THIMBLEFINGER AND HIS QUEER COUNTRY - 19 enthralling children's stories

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LITTLE MR. THIMBLEFINGER AND HIS QUEER COUNTRY was written by Joel Chandler Harris, author of the Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit stories. This book contains 19 adventures. It also has 34 pen and ink drawings by Oliver Herford which give the stories added life.
NOTE: Here the word “queer” in fact means STRANGE and has been used in its original, literal form and does not have the implication of any modern interpretation.

Here we have the first full adventure by Mr Thimblefinger as he leads his friends – Mr. Rabbit, tortoise, Mr Lion, Sweet Susan, Brother Bear and others, through his strange land. A second book of adventures by Mr Thimblefinger and friends titled “Mr Rabbit at Home” followed (copy ISBN 9788834171943 into your browser to search for this book). And strange they are.

Herein we have stories like:
Mr. Thimblefinger’s Queer Country
Mr. Thimblefinger’s Friends
The Talking-Saddle and the Thief
The Ladder of Lions
The Looking-Glass Children
Mr. Rabbit as a Rain-Maker
How Brother Bear’s Hair was combed
The Strawberry-Girl
The Witch of the Well, and many more.

The stories themselves belong to three categories. Some of them were gathered from the negroes of the South, but were not embodied in the tales of Uncle Remus, because the author was not sure they were indeed negro stories; some are folklore stories from Middle Georgia, and no doubt belong to England; and some are merely inventions.

They were all written in the midst of daily work while the author was working on a morning newspaper.

10% of the profit from the sale of this book is donated to charities.

Yesterday's Books for Today's Charities
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