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Signed paperback - Memories of the Heart (River Falls Book 3)

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Signed paperback! Includes FREE River Falls postcard!

Their marriage is already falling apart. So when she loses her memories of their life together... can he make her fall in love all over again?

Abigail thought marrying Simeon was her chance to start over. To be a better person. To forget the sins of her past. The sins Simeon knows nothing about. But after a series of devastating losses, she knows those sins are catching up with her—and they’re hurting Simeon too. If he learns the truth now, he’ll send her packing. Just like her family did. Better that she push him away first.

As a Christian counselor, Simeon should be able to help his wife cope with the losses they’ve suffered. And it’s killing him that he can’t. It seems like the more he tries, the harder she pushes him away. He’s determined to save their marriage... but what if it’s already too late?

When an accident leaves Abigail with amnesia, stealing her memories of their life together, will it be the end of their marriage? Or is God giving them a second chance to build a love even stronger than they remember?

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