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Crushed Anthills by Kashiana Singh

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“Kashiana Singh writes from both places and spaces. The perspective she offers is not only a geographical one, but one that takes the ‘globalized’ world on one’s palm and addresses its successes and pitfalls. Her voice, as she addresses cities and towns and places as one would an individual, is deeply engaged and invested as a citizen of the world. The poetry in this collection is a flaneur of ideas, questions, and curiosities.” — Nabina Das, author of Sanskarnama & Footprints in the Bajra

“What becomes of the journeys that most shape us? In Kashiana Singh’s Crushing Anthills, a lifetime of travel is made into medicine. From Delhi to Chicago, Chennai to Hyderabad, Singh distils whole cities into delicate and majestic form, rich with insights on lineage, culture, and becoming. Singh knows that beneath the cloth and crowd of travel is another joy, that of remembrance—and here she shows us a way to travel deeply right where we are.” — Elle Aviv Newton, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Poets Reading The News

About the Author:

Kashiana Singh is an Indian poet living in Chicago. Her work has been published in Poets Reading the News, Visual Verse, Oddball Magazine, Bengaluru Review, Punch Magazine, and in the anthology Is It Hot in Here Or Is It Just Me?: Women over Forty Write on Aging (Beautiful Cadaver Project, 2019), among others. A diligent poet, she maintains a prayer-like discipline of writing and then lets the poem marinate within her body and mind. Through her poetry, she dips into vulnerable and personal contexts but also explores the shifting tectonic plates of the world around her. Her first collection of poems, Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words, was published by Impish Lass Publishing in 2018. Website:
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