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Miss Matched Hearts (Harbor Falls Romance, #8)

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As local celebrity chef Suzie Hart starts to step out of her regional fame and into the bigger world, she launches her debut cooking show with some local flavor--a blind date matchmaking sketch with a friend that goes south quicker than geese in winter....

Becca North doesn't want a boyfriend--she is so off men. Her best friend Nora, however, makes boyfriend hunting a sport. When Nora, owner of the Harbor Falls' bookstore, Nora's Novel Niche, meets Suzie the matchmaking chef during a book signing at her store, she finagles her way into a romantic picnic blind date lunch on Suzie's new television show. Nora drags a reluctant Becca along for moral support.

Thing is, Nora's blind date would rather check out Becca.

Sam Ackerman understands the hazards of being childhood friends with Suzie Hart. Suzie has a way of convincing friends to do her bidding--whether they want to or not. How the landscaper gets finagled into this blind date scenario with a local book store owner is all Suzie's doings--and the fact that he is caught up in a matchmaking scheme is not lost on him.

Still, Suzie is persistent and he caves--but only as a favor. He's not interested in dating right now, let alone get joined at the hip with some blind date, husband-hunting, boyfriend-seeker. He's off women.

And then he spies Becca.

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