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In Search of Adventure | April 2022

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There is a practice in Japan known as _shinrin-yoku_, or ‘forest bathing’, whereby you simply surround yourself with trees, observe the natural world around you and just breathe in that good, freshly-photosynthesised oxygen! You don’t have to walk or hike, you just have to soak in the surroundings and you will feel calmer and happier. What a beautiful concept.

Here in Bali we are blessed with a variety of natural landscapes in which we can immerse ourselves. Especially inland, where the terrain transforms from flat flood lands and fields to alpine highlands and rugged volcanoes. Magnificent landscapes and altitudes which have the power to make you feel small and insignificant — and as a result, your problems will be scaled the same way!

In our April edition of NOW! Bali, In Search of Adventure, we invite you to rediscover the island’s outdoors escapes. The natural playgrounds which Mother Nature hath provided: mountains, forests and waterfalls — and an epic road trip to tie them all together.

As always, you'll find stories on art, fashion, culture, dining and more!
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