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Editable Crochet Planner Journal Notebook

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Editable Crochet Planner Notebook Journal

Features Editable PDF pages to keep track of your crochet projects!  You can write on the pages from your notebook or laptop and keep track of your current and upcoming crochet projects. Fill in the spaces right from your iPad or tablet! 

Pages Include:
  • Crochet Projects Page to help track your current projects.
  • Crochet Project list for project information and images
  • Yarn and Crochet Hook Page information
  • A Weekly Crochet Calendar to fill in your crochet details.
  • Monthly Crochet Calendar to fill in upcoming dates.
  • Crochet Care Instructions to write your crochet washing and care information for your project.
  • Crocjet Project Details for project source, name and detailed information.
  • Crochet Project List for additional information.
  • Crochet Notes page to write down or journal in about your projects.
  • Crochet to do list to use for upcoming projects or as a shopping list.
  • Yarn Weights and Gauges chart.
  • Crochet Hook Sizes Guide.

Use this planner as many times as you want you can even print it if you prefer! Printable version is also availble with clear fill in pages to download!

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You will get a PDF (4MB) file