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A Crochet Journal - Keep Track of Your Crochet Projects

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A Crochet Journal is a way to track the progress of your crochet projects, yarn and other information about crocheting.

A Crochet Journal A Journal for Crochet Projects and Ideas
If you are like me you have several crochet projects going on at one time. Plus an inventory of yarn on hand and yarn or supplies that you need for your next project. That's why I created A Crochet Journal for all those crocheters trying to stay organized and keep track of their current and upcoming projects.

The Journal will help you track your current projects with a Crochet project journal and planner along with a place for crochet notes, a project calendar, a place to keep measurements for clothing and accessory projects, a crochet project calendar, and a place to write down and keep track of yarn inventory and needed supplies. A Crochet Journal has enough pages to keep track of your projects and calendars for up to one year.

The journal includes pages to track the progress of your current project, a planner for ideas and upcoming projects, a list for your yarn inventory, a supply list to write down what you need for a new ideas and much more. There are enough pages for at least one years worth of projects in all. Plus there is even a page to track measurements for those who crochet clothing items. Whether your next crochet project is an afghan, hat, scarf or sweater the Crochet Journal will be a helpful tool to keep track of your progress, make sure you stock enough yarn for your next idea and more. Organize your crochet project easily and quickly by using the Crochet Journal for all your projects, supplies, ideas, and patterns.

You will get a PDF (2MB) file