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My Precious Gift

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Wrap the gift in love…

When Isabella found her forever mate in shifter Leo Mitchell, she shoved aside memories of her feckless parents and her past. Her inability to have children was more challenging, but she stashed those emotions, too. That’s until someone leaves a kid in a basket, right on their doorstep…

Leo adores his strong, bad-ass woman, and when the mystery behind their Christmas keepsake creates danger for the small town of Middlemarch, he isn’t about to fail his mate. Together, they’ll fight this hidden threat while adjusting to life with an active child. The boy might bring them even closer—if they survive the experience.

Reader advisory: this stand-alone series romance features oodles of shapeshifters, seasonal festivities and rituals, family life in a small rural town, an adorable kitten keen on Christmas tree baubles, and a puppy. Oh, and sweet, steamy loving between mates. What’s not to like?
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