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Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal Sci-Fi Edition

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Roll dice and unleash your inner creativity!

Need a great idea for your next sci-fi story? Want to kickstart your inspiration with scenes of warring space ships, planetary exploration, alternate realities, and more? Then it's time to try the Roll-A-Prompt writing journal!Packed with characters, locations, events and so much more, all designed to help you create your next space opera or sci-fi adventure!

This book features 30 sets of elements that, with the simple roll of a dice, will give you a whopping 6000+ different prompts! With so many possibilities, you're bound to find everything you need to supercharge your inspiration and write your next masterpiece.

Here’s a sample of what you could create with a roll of the dice:
An artifact causes a man from 1870 and a teenager from 2752 to meet...
A neurotic ambassador visits the outskirts of a nebula...
When dirt appears in the corridors of a deep-space vessel, it's up to a janitor and his LED light to discover the truth...

And many, many more!

So don't wait! If you're tired of blank pages and endless brainstorming, then you've come to the right place. With a downloadable PDF in the eBook and a paperback stuffed with worksheets, the Roll-A-Prompt Writing Journal is the perfect way to unleash your inner writer.

Buy now and start writing today!
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