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Priestess Of The Tombs (The Apprentice Of Anubis #5)

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Ani thought being assigned to tomb duty was the worst thing that was going to happen now she and Nik are back at the London Temple of Anubis, until Ma'at's priestesses show up. 

With every inch of the temple under inspection, Ani knows it's only a matter of time before they find something that brings the world as they know it crashing down around them. 

Can Ani and Nik survive the investigation with their jobs, and their relationship, intact?


Priestess of The Tombs is book 5 in the Apprentice Of Anubis series. It is a modern low fantasy series with a romantic (m/f) sub-plot and follows a new priestess in the Temple of Anubis, Ani, and her jackal familiar. It is set in an alternative world where the Ancient Egyptian Empire never fell, and set in alternate London.
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