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The Art of Personal Competition - How Sun Tzu would coach a team player

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Develop and Enhance Personal Playing and Thinking Skills in Competitive Sports!

Apply the philosophy of war to your competitive development!

2,500 years ago, a Chinese general, Sun Tzu, wrote a treatise titled “The Art of War”. It summarized his lifetime experiences of what was important about warfare and battlefield management.

The first words are “The art of war is of vital importance …”. This is how millions of students began their education into the philosophy of managing organized conflict. His words (as translated by Lionel Giles) are presented here – and how they apply to you.

This book provides guidelines to effective training, preparation, planning, thinking, and execution of your sports career. Included are secrets of training and skill improvements. You gain new insights into efficient and effective training to:

- Win against better players

- Trap and misdirect opponents

- Design useful strategies against unsuspecting opponents

- Devise superior tactics and counter-tactics

- Attack efficiently and effectively

- Defend aggressively with focused intentions

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