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Psychology oF Gamesmanship - How to Manage Mind Games & Tricks

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Protect yourself from Ruthless Gamesmanship and Sharking

An unscrupulous player, trainer, or coach does not abide by the concept of good sportsmanship. He wants to win and will use any means not specifically forbidden in writing. He exactly follows the letter of the rules, but not the spirit. Every type of distractive tactic will be used to give himself or his team any advantage, however small.

These tricks can be subtle or obvious. An expert gamesman will use a variety of tricks and traps that are not immediately recognizable. Only the consequences bear testimony of their effectiveness. An unskilled amateur's effort will be so obvious that even young children can recognize the blatant effort to bend the concept of fair play.

Become educated on the subtle and unsubtle ways of competitive psychology. Once the concepts of gamesmanship are understood, knowledgeable observers (referees, officials, and spectators) can easily spot these attempts. When aware of an effort, effective steps can be taken to nullify, deflect, and even trap the instigator.

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