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The Art of Team Coaching - How Sun Tzu would coach coaches

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The art of war is of vital importance …” are the words, written 2,500 years ago, by the famous & ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu. This is how millions of students began their study of warfare and battlefield management. His words (translated by Lionel Giles) are presented here, followed by its application to managing teams.

This book provides insight into the proper mindset of playing smarter and winning more. You and your staff will gain new insights into:

- How to win against better teams

- How to trap and misdirect opponents

- How to design useful strategies

- How to devise effective tactics

- When to attack & how to defend.

This book contains the true and real secrets of competition. Within are guidelines to effective training, thinking, planning, and execution. The details presented here remove uncertainty and confusion from your game plans. Every problem now has an answer; every difficulty has a responsive plan.

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